An Amazing Testimony During Sunday Mass Announcements

Good morning! My name is Alison and along with my husband, Brendan, we have 4 children.  2 of whom are enrolled at St. Katharine Drexel Catholic School.  Both Brendan and I grew up attending Catholic schooling at various stages of our parochial school, high school, university, and post graduate studies.  Our upbringing and the constantly changing chaos of the world around us has allowed us to see the beauty and certainty of Catholic education.  We were thrilled to learn that St. Katharine Drexel was a part of Pax Christi Parish when we joined the parish in 2016 and immediately got involved by supporting their yearly gala fundraising efforts, angel tree and getting to know our community. When our first child, Adelaide, was old enough to attend, we did not hesitate to enroll her and take the opportunity that God placed before us.

When a parent first begins to discern where they should send their child to school, there are many options here in Douglas County.  We were drawn to the classical education model that was implemented from the school’s founding.  Let me give you an example of what this means:

Our 3 year old, Thomas, is pre-school.  Last week, his class was learning about clothing.  This meant that they discussed those adorable blue sweaters in their school uniforms throughout the curriculum—counting the buttons for math, practicing fine motor skills by putting th buttons together without an adults help, learning how cotton is grown, as opposed to shearing sheep, and how each can be harvested to make materials.  This was brought full circle remembering that the shepherds were the first to hear the Good News of Christ’s birth in the manger and finally driven home with learning about gratitude to God for the knowledge to make these materials out of the animals and fruits of the earth that He has given us.  All of these wonderful things- math, science, religion, prayer, history and virtue all taught from one sweet blue sweater!  Maybe on Monday they will cover current events and supply chain issues!

All joking aside, the last 2 years of Coronavirus life has been exceedingly difficult for all ages and stage of life.  Mandi, the principal and director at SKD, and her team of the most devoted and engaging teachers you have ever met, have navigated these waters with grace and much patience and we are so thankful for the stability and joy they have brought to our children!  SKD currently includes Preschool, kindergarten, and first grade and we are looking forward to growing it by a grade each year moving forward!  Without any further adieu, come to the great hall for a donut and then head downstairs to the school for a tour and experience the joy for yourself when you first walk through the doors.  All parishioners are welcome to see this beautiful ministry at Pax Christi!



                Faith Excellence Service

        Happy Catholic School Week

We often hear how happy the students are.  I guess in a safe, caring, loving atmosphere, students flourish.  The whole child is cared for and success is imminent!