THEWILL Newspaper was founded in October 2009 as a robust Nigeria-focused independent news website by journalist and publisher, Austyn Ogannah, an advocate for good governance and promoter of change in Nigeria and Africa.

The print and digital editions of the newspaper alongside THEWILL DOWNTOWN, the all gloss culture and lifestyle magazine insert, were subsequently launched on February 14, 2021, as a national weekly hybrid publication circulating nationwide in Nigeria. The newspaper operation is now supported by thirty dedicated team members with diverse skill sets.

The news website was first published out of San Francisco, California, USA, where the US Bill of Rights protects press freedom. THEWILL soon gained prominence and respect when Nigeria was faced with a constitutional crisis and the power struggle that ensued fueled by the sudden illness and eventual demise in office of then former Nigerian President, Umaru Musa Yar’ Adua.

With its fair, no-bias, fearless and authoritative publications through the intrigues of the power struggle, making the news service one of the first mediums to break the news of Yar’ Adua’s eventual death in Abuja on the night of May 05, 2011, the blog quickly attracted a legion of readers.

One week later, precisely on May 12, 2011, THEWILL got another major break and consolidated its position as a powerful emerging media when it exclusively reported the arrest and detention by Interpol in Dubai, UAE, of a key and very influential player in the Nigerian power struggle, Chief James Ibori, a former governor of oil-rich Delta State, who somehow evaded Nigeria’s security agencies and fled after a warrant was issued for his arrest in Nigeria and Britain over charges of money laundering. Since that report, the Austyn Ogannah led agency has forged ahead establishing itself as a model for other patrons in the rapidly growing independent online news community in Nigeria.

With over 8, 000 (Eight thousand) news articles, opinions and commentaries published within two years of launch, THEWILL has remained focused on its mission and vision which according to the publisher, is to continue to stimulate and expand the national conversation, whilst also providing a platform for readers, fellow advocates and contributors, who may want to have an imprint on public policy, influence public opinion and ultimately contribute towards inspiring the change we desire in Nigeria and Africa.


THEWILL will stimulate and expand the national conversation, reporting the news as it breaks, while providing a platform where readers and contributors may have an imprint on public policy, influence public opinion and ultimately, contribute towards bringing the change that we desire in our country, Nigeria.

THEWILL will fight the good fights, our journalism will be aggressive, fearless and robust. We will see issues as Nigerians have always sought to see them. We will take on the big issues of our time (especially corruption and bad governance), issues responsible for the social decay and institutional weakness in our country today.

THEWILL is our contribution to the struggle for a better country and future. We will hold those entrusted with power accountable for its daily exercise and advocate for justice and human rights. We will be relentless in our pursuit of the truth with un-biased and investigative journalism.

May God help us all.

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